Care and Public Policy Colloquium


colloquiumWhat do we mean by “care”? How have the social transformations of the last decades in Latin America, influenced this subject? What role do social policies play in the context of these processes?


Given that at some point in life, every human being needs to be cared for by someone, the  question that then arises is, who are the caregivers? Under certain assumptions on the allocation of roles and certain myths such as “maternal instinct”, this question was historically not addressed. However, considering the economic and social changes that have been taking place in Latin America in recent decades, it has become necessary to open up the debate to think and re-look at these issues.


In this context, Equity for Children and UNTREF organized the colloquium Care and Public Policy under the umbrella  of activities for  Perspectives on Children and Urban social issues. Read more…

To Eduardo Bustelo: You Will Always Be Near


E BusteloToday we received the very sad news that Eduardo Bustelo, my good friend and extraordinary colleague, passed away. I am writing this note without believing that this news it true.  I have been incredibly lucky to know Eduardo and to have worked together with him for a long time – 25 years to be exact.
Eduardo was a great, amazing and creative thinker. He was the quintessential innovative contributor and activist for a better society. He was a person who spent his life moving ideas into action.
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CROP Scientific Commitee Meeting


CROPSC2014On June 30 and July 1, 2014, the CROP secretariat gathered the members of the CROP Scientific Committee in Bergen for a meeting with an extensive agenda to cover. As part of the topics discussed the committee worked on strategic issues such as CROP Strategic Plan and CROP Communication Plan 2015-2020.Read more…

Approaches to Equity: Interview with Juliana Martínez Franzoni, Associate Professor,University of Costa Rica


Juliana Martinez photo (1)

Juliana Martínez Franzoni discusses equity and inequality and elaborates how she believes these are underpinned by power relations, be they gender or generational asymmetries. She further goes on to explain how certain policies, such as minimum and average wages, can be used to balance out some of these inequalities.Often policies are able to reach children and adolescents who have in the past been excluded. Read more…

Approaches to Equity: Interview with Dena Kimball, Executive Director of the Kendeda Fund

DenaKimballDena Kimball elaborates why she believes cultural assumptions through paradigms and structural policies cause inequity particularly for young girls. She also speaks about the importance of  measurement tools used to monitor inequity as this speaks directly to what communities value and influences policy making.She also elaborates about the criteria used to determine which programs The Kendeda Fund will support.  Read more…


CROP International Studies in Poverty Prize 2014

Deadline: August 31, 2014
CROP in cooperation with Zed Books, requests entries for the CROP International Studies in Poverty Prize 2014.

Bienal Latinoamericana en Infancia y Juventudes

November 17-21.
Manizales, Caldas Colombia.
Deadline for Proposals: May 15, 2014.


Paper: ‘Reducing the effects of poverty through early childhood interventions’

Abstract: Katherine Magnuson’s research focuses on the well-being and development of economically disadvantaged children and their families. In the first half of this brief Magnuson pulls together scholarship on the effects of poverty and inequality on children, especially from infancy to age five. Her scope goes beyond the social sciences to include new findings from neuroscience read more

Book: ‘Global Child Poverty and Well-Being: Measurements, concepts, policy and action’

Child poverty is a central and present part of global life, with hundreds of millions of children around the world enduring tremendous suffering and deprivation of their most basic needs.

Helia Molina appointed as new Ministry of Health in Chile

Equity for Children Latin America is proud to congratulate Helia Molina on her recent appointment as Minister of Health in Chile. 

Equity for Children is an initiative of the Graduate Program of International Affairs (GPIA) at The New School in New York City. Our organization strives to advance an agenda of social justice, human rights and social equality for children worldwide in order to strengthen children’s well being by diminishing child poverty, marginalization and inequality.