Urban Inequities and Children Conference, April 28-29, 2016, The New School

Flyer drawingOn April 28-29, 2016, Equity for Children will host a conference at The New School to address key challenges in identifying urban childhood inequities. from birth to five years; how to gather, measure and translate evidence about this issue into action; and how children’s views can be included in the design of cities to promote equity for all inhabitants. Read more… 








The 10 Most Important Steps to Building a Just Society

IDB 2Today, 30% of Latin American children live in highly precarious households. And this share of the child population continues to increase. Read more…






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Urban Inequities and Children Conference Preview Video

Event 2Watch how an average 3 year-old navigates New York City in the Urban Inequities and Children Conference teaser video and find out more about the Urban Inequities Conference. Read more…

(Photo: Christopher Thomond for the Guardian)

A New Publication, “Divided Cities: Childhood and Urban Inequity”

EquityCiudades divididas for Children and the Research Center for Urban Political Science (CEIPSU), Universidad Nacional Tres de Febrero, Argentina, recently published Divided Cities: Childhood and Urban Inequity. Read more…

Interview with Alex Loznak, Youth Activist, Our Children’s Trust

Equity Alex Loznakfor Children interviewed Alex Loznak, Youth Activist at Our Children's Trust, about youth engagement and climate change.  Read more…


Urban Inequities and Children Conference – April 28-29, 2016 at The New School, New York

Equity for Children, in partnership with the Center for New York City Affairs, is organizing a two-day conference about key challenges to identifying childhood inequities in cities, how to translate evidence into action, and how to include children’s views in the design of cities.

“Child Poverty and Social Protection in Western and Central Africa” – May 23-25, 2016, Abuja, Nigeria

Equity for Children, UNICEF, the Comparative Research Programme on Poverty (CROP), the International Labour Organization (ILO), and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) are organizing a workshop entitled "Child Poverty and Social Protection in Western and Central Africa" on May 23-25, 2016 in Abuja, Nigeria.

“Adolescence, Youth and Gender: Building Knowledge for Change” Conference, 8-9 September 2016, University of Oxford, UK

This two-day international conference, organized by Equity for Children partner Young Lives, will promote dialogue and critical reflection on the latest evidence, current paradigms, concepts and approaches to adolescence, youth and gender in international development and consider the implications for policy and programming.


“Young People Speak Up About Climate Change”: New Equity for Children Program

In November 2015, Equity for Children launched a new program area on Climate Change, Children and Young People. Watch a short video on young activists speaking up about climate change.

“Child Poverty: What drives it and what it means to children across the world”, A New Publication by Save the Children

This report from our Coalition to End Child Poverty Partner, Save the Children, takes a look into the lives of children living in poverty in key countries around the world, highlighting what drives child poverty and why it persists, even in some of the world’s richest economies.

Equity for Children joins the Global Coalition to End Child Poverty

In November 2015, Equity for Children joined the Global Coalition to End Child Poverty. The Coalition consists of a group of child focused agencies and research organizations from different countries led by UNICEF and Save the Children.

Equity for Children is an initiative of the Graduate Program of International Affairs (GPIA) at The New School in New York City. Our organization strives to advance an agenda of social justice, human rights and social equality for children worldwide in order to strengthen children’s well being by diminishing child poverty, marginalization and inequality.