Release of the Urban Inequities and Children Conference Report

coverThis publication, Addressing Urban Inequities and Childhood: Advancing the Agenda for Children and Cities, is based upon conversations and discussions held at Equity for Children’s April 2016 Urban Inequities and Children Conference at The New School in New York City. During the two-day event, nearly 100 international researchers, government representatives, foundations, advocates and practitioners deliberated about underlying local challenges facing urban children from the ages of birth to five, and highlighted possible solutions.


Seventy percent of global GDP is generated in urban areas. Cities are increasingly “formidable engines to achieve development” and incubators for sustainable development, with the capacity to cultivate solutions that resolve poverty, social inequalities and even climate change. When the city becomes the space where equity is possible and children make up the majority of the urban population, then we must ask ourselves: How are children faring in their rights to the city and in their potential? Read more…

Five Recommendations to Address Inequities in Cities

wesharepicssquareTo address inequities in cities and to activate children’s voices in the urban agenda, Equity for Children proposes five recommendations, which emerged from the discussions and presentations held during the Urban Inequities and Children Conference. Read more…

Interview with Florencia Lopez Boo, Inter-American Development Bank

Florencia Lopezflorencia Boo, Senior Social Protection Economist at the Inter-American Development Bank, discusses early childhood equity and access to public services for the youngest children in Latin American cities. Read more…

Alberto Minujin Presents a Paper at Habitat III

alberto-at-habitat-3​Executive Director Alberto Minujin presented a paper entitled Childhood and Urban Housing Inequality in Eight Latin American Countries as part of a panel organized by UNICEF. Read more… 

Graduate Students Conduct Field Research on Children and Urbanization

ifpbaDuring eight weeks of field research, a group of six New School graduate students worked within two communities of the Greater Buenos Aires: Villa Inflamable and Isla Maciel. Read more…


United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development, The New School Booth, October 18, 2016 – Quito, Ecuador

Professor Alberto Minujin, Equity for Children Executive Director, will be presenting about children, urban poverty and inequality at The New School booth on October 18 as part of the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development, Habitat III in Quito, Ecuador.

United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development, UNICEF Panel, October 19, 2016 – Quito, Ecuador

Professor Minujin will be speaking on a panel entitled "Children in cities in the Latin America and Caribbean region: beyond the average", organized by UNICEF at Habitat III on October 19, 2016 in Quito, Ecuador.

“Tackling Child Poverty in Latin America: Rights and Social Protection in Unequal Societies”, A Publication, October 2016 – New York, NY

This publication, co-edited by Equity for Children Executive Director, Alberto Minujin, is the product of an international seminar organized in February 2014 by Equity for Children and its partners. The book emphasizes key issues linked to childhood and adolescent poverty in Latin America.


Launch of the Global Coalition to End Child Poverty Website and Release of its Solution Paper

On October 17, the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, the Coalition to End Child Poverty is launching its new website and its solution paper, Putting Children First: A Policy Agenda to End Child Poverty.

“World Social Science Report 2016: Challenging Inequalities – Pathways to a Just World” Launch

The recently launched World Social Science Report 2016: Challenging Inequalities – Pathways to a Just World includes a section authored by Professor Alberto Minujin about Equity for Children research conducted on intra-urban inequities in several Colombian cities.

ChildFund Alliance Launched Child-Friendly Accountability Initiative on September 21, 2016

On September 21, 2016, Equity for Children partner, ChildFund Alliance launched “Toward a Safe World for Children: Child-Friendly Accountability and SDG Target 16.2,” an initiative that will work with and empower children to hold governments and local leaders accountable to their obligations to end all violence against children.

Equity for Children is an initiative of the Graduate Program of International Affairs (GPIA) at The New School in New York City. Our organization strives to advance an agenda of social justice, human rights and social equality for children worldwide in order to strengthen children’s well being by diminishing child poverty, marginalization and inequality.